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28-04-2011, 20:35
In another thread i found 2 statements/quesions:

I've read somewhere that officially only the person who imports the car can drive it. Is this also the case for family? Is this often checked? Does normal millitia know about this?


As for someone else driving the car you imported, I think the idea is that that's simply not allowed, unless you physically cannot drive the car yourself (e.g. you sprained/broke/whatever your ankle, and you need to get back home).

Just wondering if anybody know some hard facts about this issue?

I am driving a (in Germany registered) company car to Russia. Temporary import for 1 year. I am having a power of attorney to use the car. Isn't it possible/legal that the company will issue a power of attorney for a second employee?


Tony P
28-04-2011, 23:41
I have brought UK registered cars and motos into RUS many times and I reply based on my experiences and what I have learned from friends. Friends have brought UK, German and US registered vehicles. I have only brought in my own UK registered vehicles but have ensured my Russian Partner can drive them.

Firstly - at Border.
You must have the original Registration Document.
If it is not your name on that document there must be a written Letter of Authority from the person/company named thereon as Owner/Keeper.
That letter should name you and can also name any other person(s) who have similar permission to drive it in RUS.

Presumably the letter will be initially in German. It is probably a good idea that this is also in Russian and/or English.

If it could be Notarised /Apostillised it might make things even easier.

This is to deal with Customs at the entry border point who, when happy, will put a bar-coded sticker on the Declaration Form.
From then on that Declaration/Customs Document becomes the equivalent of Temporary Inport Permit/Russian Registration for the vehicle - to be surrendered on exit. This will be required to be produced at the many Roads Police 'documenti' checks. I get stopped far more on GB plates than when driving on RUS plates! The guys are no doubt very bored and think I might be an easy touch for their retirement fund!

If you buy Russian Insurance at the border it will list your name but the insurance covers the car and whoever is driving it. There is no need for the other names on the Certificate.

It is unlikely the Border Customs will issue the Temporary Import Permit for longer than 3 months. The maximimun I got once was 4 months when I explained I was riding to the far north east of RUS and conditions could not guarantee journey times to get back to EU borders within 3 months if a problem arose.
It is possible to visit Customs Offices (in all cities) and renew the Permit. I understand getting 6 months more, possibly longer, is no problem. (Separate issue - How will your Visa be doing?)
Being now Moscow based, I find a long weekend in Latvia, Estonia or Finland makes a welcome break every now and again - and takes it all back to Day 1 as you re-enter RUS.

When you return to the EU (either permanantly or for a long weekend!) you must surrender the Temporary Import Form to RUS Customs. The EU people will want to see the German Registration, probably your Driving License too.

There is nothing to stop you just turning round and entering RUS again. That starts the whole process again.
A pal did it on his moto last autumn, spending all of 20 minutes in Latvia!