View Full Version : What's an alternative to IKEA for cheap furniture?

26-04-2011, 12:09
I like IKEA, and have lots of things from there, but I need a very specific sort of table that doesn't quite match what they sell, so I wanted to look elsewhere.
Where else have you been that offers similar design, quality and price to IKEA, please?

27-04-2011, 01:45
Hi there
Well not very sure but I have heard of a place called Leroy Merlin. Not sure if I spelt it right but they may have and price can be ok I guess. I have also come across some small shops and they have good catalogues with a variety to choose from the price, well though not as good as in IKEA, is fine.
You can also check bigger shopping complexes like RIO and so on. You'll probably find something good )
tc )))
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27-04-2011, 09:07
Try another IKEA ;)
Just check random furniture marts (the small unknown ones) in Moscow and you may get what you're looking for. Also visit "1000 мелочей" near lenisnsky prospekt and some "Строительные универсальные магазин".

27-04-2011, 09:09
Leroy Merlin is great if you want Garden and outdoor furniture, and BBQ accessories. probably not quite what is required.

10-05-2011, 10:37
Maybe Ashawn?

13-05-2011, 14:34
Магазин kika Новая Рига в Подмосковье это мультибрендовый гипермаркет мебели kika

30-06-2011, 09:11
You might want to check out the internet store 'Shatura' - it's just the name dot com - easy to find but I can't post links yet.

They've got a decent inventory and the prices aren't too bad. Plus the URL description for living rooms is 'drawing rooms', and I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to recline on a chaise in a drawing room :) Too many Georgian and Victorian novels, what can I say...

26-07-2011, 00:30
Stolplit is Ok as well. Besides they always have special offers and a lot of showrooms around Moscow

07-08-2011, 20:23
If you need an office table the best place online is biz-inter.ru