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24-04-2011, 00:33
I'm looking at applying for an expat job in Russia. Does anyone know what format I should use for my CV? Does anyone have a template I could use?

24-04-2011, 10:24
I'm not sure if you need a different arrangement for CV to apply here in Russia. I am not local myself but as far as I know international variants of CV is ok. But better find out from a local to be sure.
Good luck )

24-04-2011, 10:53
Search on the net for templates of Russian/English CVs/resumes. There are differences between Russian and English formats.

24-04-2011, 20:15
I'd recommend to refer to specialists...
How to compile CV (in Russian, from headhunter.ru, aka http://hh.ru/):
http://planetahr.ru/rubric/93/19 - CV types
http://planetahr.ru/rubric/98/19 - CV templates

Try to switch language on hh.ru to english and dig further...

05-08-2011, 18:44
I think they have one specialty, they incude titles, photo and DOB on thei resumes in Russia.

23-04-2012, 22:43
Hello all,

I'm a writer for a CV writing website called CV Plaza (http://www.cvplaza.com) and I was just wondering whether someone could please list down the main differences between UK/US and Russian CVs or Resumes? That would be great because we will then be able to share it on our website. Thanks!

23-04-2012, 22:56
Main difference is language. If you pretend for the position in Russian company, then you should send CV in Russian only or in Russian plus English. Consult http://hh.ru