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04-11-2003, 14:22
Can anyone recommend me a reputable travel agent/tour operator/flight broker or similar where I can pay for a flight by credit card...wait for it, big gasp, drum roll please...OVER THE TELEPHONE?? No faxes, no trips to offices on the top floor of a non-descript building miles from the nearest metro etc...

Even British Airways say that they are unable to do it, and whilst I could stick the number into the online booking portal, it would be nice to get a few more price offers before being mandated to do so.

Peple don't seem to like credit cards much over here (particularly my English Halifax one it seems!!) when I wanted to pay for my washing machine at a branch of 'Eldorado', the girl at the kassa looked at the card, and (probably because the couldn't read what was written on it?!?!) told me that it didn't work - without even putting it near the machine!! My vehement protestations that there probably isn't a creditcard machine in the world which doesn't accept Mastercard went unheeded (even though there was a sticker showing a picture of a Mastercard from a Russian bank, with the words "accepted here" on the kassa window!!!).


04-11-2003, 15:20
The people at Afon Travel accept credit cards over the phone for their regular clients. I doubt that they would do it for a first time client that they haven't seen though.
Great people at Afon. Small company that provides top notch service and they speak English. 291-9066

10-11-2003, 13:09
I deal with Katya at Star Travel, and she's great. I usually make my arrangements by email, then she sends a confirmation for me to sign and fax back with my credit card details. They then deliver the tickets to my work. Call 935-8336 or email info@startravel.co.ru - their English is excellent.