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21-04-2011, 00:55
I place this imformation in this section, because to my opinion, the new serial "the Borgias" is a real piece of art, at least judging the first episode seen by me.

It is very difficult to spit further than "the Tudors" (Unfortunately "Spartacus" was a bit (not big) disappointment, but it seems to me "the Borgias" can cope with that task: very good cast, very careful preparation (costumes, history, showing ways of living in those times).

I am sure that the story will be very interesting, though the 1 episode was too long.

Official site:


So I will be glad if you join me in warching his TV show and then here we will be able to share our impressions.

In English: www.tv-links.eu then search "the borgias", then chose the third party link (I do it via megavideo and videobob (no viruses, checked).

In Russian (the site is in Russian, but series are in English): http://borgias.ru/