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13-08-2007, 20:15
hi there,
I just lost my American passport with Russian visa, immigration card and registration inside of it. Has anyone been in a similar situation and what are the right procedures? I am especially concerned about losing my Russian visa. What happens when you lose one, is there any agency that could arrange a replacement or exit visa? Is leaving Russia without immigration card a big problem or is there a chance to get a replacement?
Thanx in advance!!

13-08-2007, 21:00
do you have a photocopy of your passport ? of your russian visa? if so, not too big of a problem.

14-08-2007, 00:10
You can contact US embassy, they should be able to issue new passport for you. Also ask them to describe procedure of getting Russian visa and provide you support in receiving of conforming docís. They could require confirmation from Russian Embassy or Consulate where your visa has been issued Ė this doc might save your time.
Iím sure there is a possibility to obtain a new visa here in Moscow, but due to bureaucratic reason it could take very long timeÖ
Good luck!

14-08-2007, 00:40
I had this happen a couple of years ago - thankfully, my Russian visa was close to expiration anyway, and I was already in the process of getting a new one.

The most important thing that I can recommend now is to get a police report filled out with the closest militsia office to the place where you think you lost it. If you do not speak Russian, find someone who can and go do it now - It will be worth the trouble in the long run and will help in getting everything done faster.

The U.S. embassy will be good about replacing the passport regardless, but getting all the rest of the Russian documents done will be next to impossible without the police report (and who knows - maybe your documents will show up - my passport was actually turned in to the police).

Katrine L
14-08-2007, 01:20
Agree with the previous post. I was an eye-witness of my friend's same trouble. She endured during three weeks this procedure until could get a temporary passport and an exit visa.

You need:
1) To go to police to apply for spravka that you have lost your passport with number of the passport (fine if you have a copy of the passport you lost)

2) Then go to American Embassy (or even better to go before the police to learn about what should be written in spravka) and they should tell you what is the procedure of recovering\issuing temporary passport and what documents do you need to provide.

3) When you get a new\temporary passport probably you need to apply to organization who issued an invitation for you to get a visa in lost passport. And they should apply to Migration Office by themselves for new temporary visa (probably only for exit - it depends on your type of visa you had). In case of my friend it was a story that that company could not apply by itself because its accreditation was over. And they have to do this procedure trough another company! Big pain..

Hope you will be luckier!

Good luck!