View Full Version : Is the SPb expat community represented on expat.ru?

04-11-2003, 03:34
Hello, I was wondering if there is a visible expat community in SPb here on expat.ru? I recently moved here from San Francisco and have met very few expats in the last few months. Finding the best services and items has proven to be little frustrating. Finding office space for example has been an interesting but unrewarding experience. Referrals for lawyers, car mechanics, flea-markets (yeah old habits die hard) might be nice. And where is that cheap DSL that has been advertised so often in the past? Wi-Fi? Nowhere to be found. Where to find spices for Italian and Mexican cooking has also been an unanswered question.
One old timer from the US thought there were about 1,200 Americans living in SPb, a small fraction of the totals living in Moscow of course. Normally I would not seek out other countrymen but they might have information that would be helpful to a newcomer. 25 years of visits is quite different than living day to day in Saint Petersburg bu so far it has been great.