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13-08-2007, 13:18
If anyone needs a good dentist i reccommend this place..
Metro Свиблово.Very clean, not many people.
Стоматолог, стоматологическая клиника в Москве, стоматология, отбеливание зубов, протезирование зубов: Юнимед-Дентал (http://www.superdent.ru/)

You can also go for an HIV test here,costs around 450 rubles.

19-08-2007, 15:22
hello. jus wana ask if u are hiring an asst dentist or dentist? I am a dentist here and my mom lives there in russia. thanx.

20-08-2007, 00:53
You could ask around at some of the private clinics here,but you would need to speak russian.

20-08-2007, 21:49
just be sure not to go to the american dental centre at mayakovskaya. roughly opposite the new station entrance. unless you want to be totally ripped off by stroppy staff that is. read my post from years back, except the site crashed. be warned keep away from this place.

21-08-2007, 03:48
I could give the number of clinic I went to which is on metro Sevastopolskaya, and relatively cheaper than the 'american dental centre', and they do have a doctor that isnt that bad at speaking english, if anyone is interested in finding a dentist PM me and I'll give you their number.