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Beverly Hills Diner
12-04-2011, 16:27
Our dinerís cell, called Beverly Hills started in Moscow on last April and rapidly become as one of fashionable (in good meaning of the world) places here.
Our concept of 24 hours working place where you could have high quality dishes and drinks for reasonable prices find itís customers. Some of our customers became our friends.
Leading the conception of family (in wide meaning of the term) restaurant we would love to invite you to one of our places.
Our branch consists of two diners: Beverly Hills on Sretenka str.1 and Beverly Hills on Nikolskaya str. 10.

Our dinner on Sretenka, which were opened first in last April, soon became as a place for people, who would love to breakfast or lunch in a day or dinner in the evening or night. Itís always shine not because of designed materials but happy smiles of our waitresses and customers too.

Our second dinner which situated on downfloor of Tretyakov Plaza, at Nikolskaya str. 10 is more than diner. Itís without any doubt Ė big attraction. With exclusive decorations, full equipped childrenís corner and special events Ė it becomes as an unforgettable experience for reasonable price.
We would love serve you and your friends 24 hours a day!

12-04-2011, 16:31
Been there many times. Exceptional service, decent prices, great food.

Highly recommend.

12-04-2011, 16:33
Would you be so kind as to describe this "fully equipped childrenís corner and special events" in more detail ?

What are these special events?

Others have clowns (for children) and games on Saturday and/or Sunday. Do you offer the same thing? If so, what time? Do you have a menu for children?

Do you have a website?