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12-08-2007, 12:57
Hi all!

My name is Lee and I'm 24 years old. I am from New Zealand and moved to Moscow for a year or so in May. I'm in my fourth month of living in Moscow. I am currently working as a free lance English teacher, but are currently seeking more secure employment either in the media or teaching sectors, however I'll consider all offers of employment. I have an Honours degree in Philosophy and Classical Studies. I'm wanting to move into an apartment with others somewhere in the vicinity of Beloruskaya, Novoslobodskya or Barrikadnaya stations by September 20th. Alternatively, I'd like to know if there are any two bedroom apartments available for rent in these areas.

Hope you're all well and I anticipate further posts!


12-08-2007, 14:01
Hi Lee,welcome to the site..

Keep an eye on the accommodation section in this forum or on this forum.

Accommodation - Red Tape Forums (http://www.redtape.ru/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=36)

Something will pop up that will suit you.