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10-04-2011, 13:24
Can anyone advise on where I can donate various clothes, books, household items and etc? I'm leaving Moscow soon and I guess I will have an entire large suitcase full of things which I can not take back with me (but which are still in fine condition, so someone else could use them.)

Do you know any places that can pick up, or that would not be too difficult to get to, somewhere in the area of Sokol metro or Polezhaevskaya metro?


10-04-2011, 13:35

There's Maria's Children Center a few minutes away from Teatralnaya metro station (the exact address is 2/10 Dmitrovsky lane). The center actually needs any kind of help, so we will be very much obliged if you can bring some of your belongings to our center, or if the location is not convenient for you, one of our representatives may come to your house and pick up something, if you don't mind.
You may look at what we do here http://www.mariaschildren.ru/
Please contact us at (495) 692-4870 or Natasha at 8916-164-4996. Tell Natasha that you were referred by Mary, an ESL teacher.

Thank you! :11109:

12-10-2011, 02:52
Usually children's establishments can not (by law) accept private household items - neither food. If they do accept them - they break the rules set for them.

Any help they are allowed to accept has to have hygienic certificates and other papers - so has to be centralized - easiest to arrange by the legal entities.

Look in your neighbourhood - some families need help and may be in your apartment building too? They are easiest to reach and will be just as grateful for your help.

...and although your help will not be just as visible - you will be above those who only help in public.

(Some people don't believe in centralized help, you know...I never saw things reach children, for example, unless things are handed over to them..and even so never knew what happened after the granters leave)