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12-08-2007, 00:52
My name is Teun Visser, Master graduate from The Netherlands. Currently Iím one month away from graduation from the Master Public Governance/Management.

During my studies, I did an internship in Russia at a private school where I was an intern English. This was a part of the minor part of the Bachelor Public Administration. The second time was a non-degree program at Kazan State University, where I conducted my Master thesis research. In both times in Russia, I have used and improved my English abilities, and obtained basic knowledge about the Russian language. Obviously it is my desire to become fluent in Russian.

Here is the actual quest; does anyone of you know how its possible for me to work in Moscow? My field of interest is consultancy, NGO employment and management related work. My only disadvantage, pretty big disadvantage, is that my Russian is not good enough for professional life.

It would be great if anyone of you could help me somehow.

Kind regards,

Teun Visser

14-08-2007, 08:36
Try to write letters in big foreign companies
also you can be a teacher here

14-08-2007, 21:50
Ok, Teun. That's Bestuurskunde in Dutch, isn't it? Done that as well on UvA, even finished it :P.

Here's the bad news: not knowing Russian enough is a big handicap. And even if you know Russian, you can in most cases easily forget about being a pampered expat, as most companies hire on local terms. With the majors, this can be equivalent to a Dutch salary, but don't count on it.

Even if you know Russian, then you still have to compete with local people who are, in general, very well educated.

UN, VSO and other NGOs have little vacancies here, so count on a big competition there as well. Unless you are truly a senoir manager or an oil rigger, chances are quite low.

What I recommend you is to find a position with a Dutch employer that allows you to choose a place from which you will work. I've done that and it works (and the Dutch salary is more than enough overhere :) ).

Anything else, and be prepared that you will have to be exceptionally good, and still you will need to find someone to sponsor your work permit/visa here.

PM if you want to know more and in Dutch.