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Tim Y
11-08-2007, 12:47
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Moscow (from UK) and looking to meet up with some new people. I am an IT and marketing professional and have come over for business. So im am looking or good places to socialise and maybe private russian tuition.

Greetings and hope to get to know some peeps

11-08-2007, 16:05
Hi Tim,

Just came across your posting and thought what a coincidence ;)

I arrived in Moscow only a month ago although I am Russian. Before that I lived in London and I did my Masters there. How do you like it in Moscow by the way?

Think I could offer you Russian classes or we could hang out sometime if you like so let me know.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend,



Andy B
11-08-2007, 18:37
Hi Tim, welcome to the site!


11-08-2007, 18:43
Hi Tim,
I'm due over in a few weeks. Keep us posted on your experiences as a newly arrived.