View Full Version : FAO Judge - some pics for you!

Len Ganley Stance
10-08-2007, 08:39

I thought you'd like these. They were sent to me by a mate of mine who is on another forum in the UK and every week they run a competition where forum members post a picture that they've done themselves. The rules are that the picture has to be related to something that haoppened in the news over the past week / the picture has to done doing MS Paint or the very basic tools on Photoshop (in other words, they do not allow Full Blown Photoshopped pics) and they have to give the pic a title. They do this every Friday and the standard of entries is usually pretty good and highly inventive. Here's two footie related ones from this week.

The 1st pic is titled - 'Frank Lampard Relishes New Team Mate'
The 2nd pic is titled - 'New Foot 'n' Mouth Outbreak Strikes The UK'

10-08-2007, 12:21
Nice, very clever, the Barton one is better,kinda two jokes in one.