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23-03-2011, 22:47
Hi! If you drive your car in Moscow just to let you know. If you cross double line because you need to bypass a hindrance,:nono: GAI guys shouldn't take you travel license. You need just pay a fine 1500 rur.

06-04-2011, 19:03
Better do not cross double line :)

Tony P
07-04-2011, 00:51
There is a "Traffic Rules of the RF" booklet published each year.
Someone usefully translated the 2009 version into English and published it.

They include at the back a list of violations and penalties.
A useful and interesting book.

In 2009 it said-
Violation: Violation of the requirement of road signs or road markings
Article of the Code: 12.16
Penalties (roubles): Warning or 100руб

I doubt it has increased to 1,500руб - but I may be wrong.

I was stopped on a motorbike near Ufa in 2009 for allegedly being 20kph over the speed limit (I wasn't convinced). After my feigning less Russian than my limited amount, he tried to tell me the penalty was $5,000-$10,000.
I dropped a 500 руб note on the floor of his car and was allowed to go!
Later, looking it up, the official penalty should have been less -
-10-20kph over limit: Warning or 100руб
-20-40kph over limit: 300 руб
-40-60kph over limit:1,000-1,500руб

Sure. They try it on, but I got going again without argument - he got a drink or two.
Who was the winner??

Maybe it takes too brave/cool/stupid a person to go to the lengths to argue and get the books out!