View Full Version : A non-posh Techno-Club

13-03-2011, 00:45
Hi there,

I have been living in Moscow for some time now and still havenít found a decent club which actually plays electronic music and offers a sympatric and outgoing party crowd like back in Germany where the club seen is wide-spread: Only to mention places like the most famous "Robert Johnson" in Frankfurt/Main or the "Berghain" in Berlin.

Would love to get a piece of advice on that subject- canít live without having a blast dancing and sweating all night long to a great sound and rhythm!!!:mml:

13-03-2011, 15:35
Check out Solyanka Moscow club. It's not too posh with a friendly atmoshphere.

13-03-2011, 17:10
Solyanka is good place but crowded there. Did you see Coyot ugly? ok, in Msk you can see like that...at Coyot Ugly))) if you wouldn't like crush you have to stand up on the bar counter