View Full Version : Aircast or similar product in Moscow

07-08-2007, 19:26
I torn the ligaments in my right ankle last Sunday, playing Basketball. I then got treated at the EMC, they gave me a hard cast and told me to buy an AirCast for the following weeks.
Does anybody know a place where I can buy Aircast – products? Or anything other product like VACO-Ankle or some other special device, stabilizing the ankle?

I used AirCast before, and it seems it would be better if I had something more stable and firm to really prevent my foot from moving to much. (I torn all 3 ligaments, by the way…)
Thanks a lot for your help.

PS: Not particularly happy with the EMC treatment, they didn’t leave a professional impression. Besides, a bill of 16’000 RUB for a cast seems a little high..