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07-08-2007, 15:42
Dewy window

1. Open The picture you wish to make the effect on.
The one below is mine, I hope you like it :D
You can easily use it just by draging and dropping it into Photoshop - it will open automatically.
Now, to explainn the procedure a little, we are trying to make a suitable selection that can be blurred to look like wet window. To make such selection, we will use channels because you can work with a selection in channels as with a normal picture, you can distort it or blur it. Simply, channels are used not only to decompose the picture into 3 basic colors, but also to save selections (small rectnagle icon with a circle) and than load them (small icon of a dotted circle).
2. Make new Channel by clicking on the icon of a sheet with bended corner in Channels toolbar

3. Click on the channel, it shoul be all black

4. Filter/Textures/Grain (100, 50, vertical)
5. Filter/Artistic/Smudge stick (0, 10, 10)
By this we highlighted the main lines.
6. Filter/Blur/Gaussian blur, and blur it a little (radius 1)

and use also Filter/Blur/Motion blur (90, 7)
7. Now you need to decide about how many lines will be flowing down the window. Use Image/Adjustments/Levels, move the controls like I did in the picture, or till you are satisfied.
Here it is:
8. That is all about the channel, now we will work with the picture. Click on Alpha 1 channel holding Ctrl to make selection, swich back to the Layers.

9. Go to the layers window and click on the picture layer, use Image/Adjustments/Brightness Contrast and increase the contrast a little (+20), press Shift+Ctrl+I to inverse selection and use the same tool to decrease the contrast slightly (-30).
10. Filters/Blur/Gaussian blur and make it look realistically blurred (I used radius 3).

Dewy and wet. Nice, isn't it?
And if you wished, you could also use some caligraphic brush and paint a white thingy in the channel just after using levels, to cancel the selection it that place and to give the picture the look like one part of it has been cleaned with a hand.
Thats it.

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Thank you.

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