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06-03-2011, 01:48
Guys, I want to organize a Russian club for foreigners
I have a place, I have some activities we could do but I don't have participants

Please, tell me, is it needed to have a place where people can come to talk in order to practice their Russian spoken skill or this idea is useless?

06-03-2011, 20:27
I am looking for places where I can practice conversational Russian in a fun, low-anxiety atmosphere with others who are learning, want to practice, or want to help us practice.

I have at least 3 friends who would consider coming to something like this, too.

06-03-2011, 21:07
As a sugestion you want to keep an eye on the expat.ru [Calendar] for events and meet ups ...

after a couple of :drink::celebrate::drink: you too will be fluent !! :mml:

... :10806: also there is the monthly [BOOK SWAP] organized by Korkelia/Leyla usually in a Moscow coffee shop(pe).

06-03-2011, 21:21
There is a Russian Language Club every Saturday at Le Pain Quotidien Café at Belorusskaya, starts usually at 16.30.

All levels are welcome, from beginner to native speaker. It's always nice and fun.

15-03-2011, 08:39
:piano:The purpose of the club is to give students of Lawrence Park a chance to get immersed into Russian culture. Canadians know very little about Russian culture and language, and there is no better way to look at culture than watching movies, and this is what the Russian Confederation Club is all about. Do not worry, no Russian is needed to watch the movies because there are English subtitles. But there’s more! Not only do you get a chance to watch

15-03-2011, 15:44
I really need to improve my Russian! Include me!

15-03-2011, 16:01
is it needed to have a place where people can come to talk in order to practice their Russian spoken skill or this idea is useless?:iagree:It's a great idea, Nadia!

It's definitely necessary, alot of expats have only limited Russian skills, but we want to improve, to be able to communicate more effectively. Living in Russia and not being able to communicate so well is difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, I want to get on and push my Russian, to build it, to make it stronger, to empower myself, to give myself more possibilities to speak, I'm looking forward to coming to your club. :thumbsup:

15-03-2011, 19:25
Canadians know very little about Russian culture and language

I will tell you even more, some Russians know nothing about culture and traditions:10293:

alexander rubaylov
18-03-2011, 20:06
Надя, привет!
Меня зовут Саша, я преподаю РКИ (русский как иностранный).
У меня совершенно та же идея уже давно в голове витала!
Давай как-нибудь объединим усилия!
Мое мыло USE PM !!!Напиши, пожалуйста, я думаю, из этого может выйти что-то продуктивное!!! :)

25-03-2011, 23:07
Hey guys,
sorry for keeping silent for a long
I'm very glad that Russian club is interesting for you :)
I'll try my best with people who want to help me to organise a very special environment and complete cultural experience from Russia :)

I'm happy to invite you for the first meeting on 2nd of April
Please, fill the form here in order to let me know how many people are coming.

Please, invite your friends who want to study and practice Russian (we've already gethered a lot of people who want to help you with Russian so we're looking for people who need our help)

The meeting is free of charge. See you then :)

06-04-2011, 23:00
Hey, is this still running?? if so, when? i really need to improve my russian!!