View Full Version : Setting up a wireless network with Stream

06-08-2007, 19:46
This question seems to come up often enough - here is a short guide on how to do it:

trouble free wireless connection - not expensive --->

buy an ethernet adsl modem - the best value for money right now is the Netgear DM111P-100 EES (http://www.digital.ru/goods/64753.htm) sold at Beliye Veter for about 1k rubles

buy a wireless router - my favorite model is the D-Link DI-624 (http://dlink.ru/products/prodview.php?type=15&id=123) which goes for around 2k rubles ... you can save a bit and get the DI-524 (http://dlink.ru/products/prodview.php?type=15&id=549) if you want - they are pretty much the same, but the 624 works at 108mbps and the 524 at 54mbps

connect the Netgear modem to the phone line and to your computer using the supplied cables. log into the modem (the IP address should be printed on the bottom) and use the following settings: VPI 1 / VCI 50 / Bridge Mode -- these are really the only three important variables which need to be entered.

remove the cable from your computer and plug that end of it into the WAN port of the wireless router

using the cable supplied with the router, plug one end into one of the four remaining ports on the router, and the other into your computer

log into the router

click on the wireless tab

pick a SSID (network name) and enter it

enable WEP security - 128bit - ASCII and enter a 13 digit alpha-numerical password in the blank that says Key 1 and WRITE IT DOWN

save settings (bottom of page)

now to WAN settings - on the left hand menu click the WAN button

check the box for PPPOE - after a few moments you will have a field below where you can enter your username and password

i suggest before you put your actual client info here that you test the system by using the following: username: guest@mtu password: mtu

once you save this screen, click on the tab at the top that says Status, and on the next page you should see whether the router is connected or not

it it is connected, open a new browser window and go to the Stream website just to make sure things are working - please note that with this login information the Stream site is the ONLY place you will be allowed to go online.

once you are convinced all is fine, you can go back to the WAN setup page and put in your actual account information

what not to do

stay away from the cheezy chinese wireless/modem combo boxes sold by Stream - these are a major pain in the you-know-what to configure and use!