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06-08-2007, 18:42
If you want to know that how to put a password on a folder in Win XP,vista?

I found great software called Hide Files! it simply hides thefolders n file you want. once it's hidden, you cant see it in Explorer and there's no way to access them! it doesnt alter file system or anything like that! the program itself can be hidden, thus no one will even know you got a software like it!:cool:
PS: the whole program can be password protected!

first, you use a multiple key sequence(default is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H) to bring up the main hide files window! if you specify a password, then it askes you for the password first.


once you enter the password, you'll get the main window.


here, you can choose which files n folders to hide, choose visible or stealth mode(means that the program is not shown in the Add/Remove list and the Start Menu). if u press the button ON, then the files are hidden. if u press Off, you know what happens!:rolleyes:

so google it.

06-08-2007, 22:54
And in a DOS session, the folder/file is visible, or not?

06-08-2007, 23:27
And in a DOS session, the folder/file is visible, or not?

hope not:respect: