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27-02-2011, 18:26
On Friday I wanted to go to the Banderos concert/presentation of new album @ Arena nightclub. I knew it was going to be sold out so early on in the day I went online and purchased 2 tickets to the show.

I used kontramarka.ru. I ordered without paying and got an e-mail saying that my tickets can be picked up at the ticket counter until 9pm.

So anyway, got there at 8:45pm, and my tickets were already sold to someone else. What's more, the show was sold out. Great!

Luckily I found someone outside the club and bought tickets. Crisis avoided this time, next time however, I will be careful about buying tickets online and will just do so in person.

Oh yeah, the show was great, I'm not a huge fan but they put in 110% of their energy and effort. I really enjoyed it.

Videos from the show for those interested (taken with my iphone):
YouTube - Banderos - Columbia Pictures - Feb 25th - Arena, Moscow

YouTube - Banderos - What a Beautiful Life - Live @ Arena Moscow, Feb 25

YouTube - Banderos - Kitana - Live @ Arena Moscow, Feb 25

27-02-2011, 18:33
Glad you liked the show!

Frankly speaking I always book tickets via parter.ru and have never faced any problems.

27-02-2011, 18:44
Shitty deal. That's why you use one of those sellers that will ship them to you via courier.

Well worth the extra money.