View Full Version : What is the Russian for "license plates" or "number plates" on a vehicle?

Joe Kilroy
21-02-2011, 14:39

21-02-2011, 14:59
Probably гос знак or гос номер?

21-02-2011, 15:20
Simply автомобильные номера (avtomobilnie nomera)


Joe Kilroy
21-02-2011, 15:29
I live in Spain now, but before I left Moscow I bought a new 150.cc Vespa motorbike/ scooter. It is now in my friend's garage in Moscow.

I have legal documents for it but no license/number plates and no license.

This is because I did not need plates or license for it in Moscow.

The police turn a blind eye to scooters.

Now I want to bring my scooter to Spain, and don't know how to do it.

I have been told that without license plates it would be stopped by Spanish customs and I would end up paying thousands of Euros in import tax.

So, my only choice is to try to ride my scooter to from Moscow to Spain.

But I will have problems as soon as i leave Russia because it has no license plates and i have no license.

Can you tell me how i can solve this?

What do i have to do to get a license in Russia for a 150. cc scooter and number plates for my scooter?

Do I have a chance?

21-02-2011, 15:37
Ehhh... you will need a category A license, same as for motorcycles, which means you have to go to driving school for that etc etc.

By the way it's illegal to ride a 150cc scooter with no plates or license in Russia.

Your only way out is to plate the scooter. BTW, you don't need a license to plate it..

21-02-2011, 15:46
Ah, you talk about scooter and import/export... in fact I don't know how to manage the situation. AFAIK, scooters with 50 cm3 are not refered as vehicles in RF, so they don't need plates... but you can do plate yourself yourself like

and mount it. What about 150 cm3... dunno. Ask scooter owners in the Spain, maybe there are some bypasees.

Joe Kilroy
21-02-2011, 18:50
thanks fellas.

Mrzuzzo, you'r right, that any bike over 50 cc needs a license in Moscow.

But the club I bought it through, none of them had licenses for 150 cc scooters and they all said the Police don't bother with them, so it's not necessary.
they were right. Police ignored me as if I was a bicycle.

No, it seems there is no solution to this problem.

If I bring my non-European Vespa scooter into Spain I will have to pay MASSIVE import duties and registration which will cost as much as the scooter cost me when I bought it.

Whoever said capitalism was about freedom was a f**ng liar. It's all about being fleeced.

So, I bought my Vespa and now I have no choice but to lose it because I can't bring it here.

By the way, the Russians were great with all this.

There was NO problem on the Russian side shipping the scooter as cargo to Spain, for a minimal cost.

The problem was when the bike reached the Spanish border.

As soon as that happen, the greedy Spanish customs vultures descend and start eating my non-European bike.

And thanks Russia too for giving me an easy time and not hassling me for a license etc.

Land of the free, sometimes.

21-02-2011, 18:59
Does that thing need to be plated in Spain?

Take it apart ship it over in parts?

Joe Kilroy
21-02-2011, 19:50
Does that thing need to be plated in Spain?

Take it apart ship it over in parts?

Mr Zuzzo,

Well, I don't know what to say.

Well, in theory what you say is true.

A good idea? To bring the bike here in parts! ? It seems a good idea to me.

But there are two problems with this.

1) to find someone who would be ready to help me to take my scooter apart and send those parts to me. ( maybe I can come back to Moscow and my friend can help me to do it himself....but what would the law be on sending big parts like that??? And would they clear Russian and Spanish customs officials without problems???

I don't know.... I like your idea though.

2) Then , second problem.

Once the bike arrives here, in parts, I build it again but it still has no numbers on the plates. Soon I will have my full motorbike driving license, but...the bike must THEN be registered here in Spain, and I am told that this also is a very long, difficult and expensive process.

They will ask me where I bought the bike. I will show them my Russian papers for the bike. They will say " Ooo this bike is from Russia?"
I will say "yes". they will say " well, it's a non-European bike" and you did NOT pay import duties on it.

22-02-2011, 10:20
Another way, Joe, is to find someone in Moscow who has friends/familiar persons in Moscow GAI/GIBDD, pay them some money and get these plates, intended for normal motobikes in RF, with a doc where VIN of yor scooter will be printed. But I know nobody in GAI unfortunately.