View Full Version : Green Tea Ice Cream

04-08-2007, 14:54
anyone know where to get some in Moscow (store, not restaurant)?


05-08-2007, 09:01
or at least not the ones that i frequent.
maybe what you can try, as an emergency, altough it will be NOT the real thing.
make a very strong green tea infusion and mix it under a lemon or lime sorbet.
might get you something that refreshes you on a hot day...
lemon/lime only MOVENPICK sorbet, rather pricey, some 200 rubles for a small 250 ml tub. but worth a try.
on the other hand,on something flat and not to deep, pour (prepared, slightly sweetend) green tea. stick into the freezer. when it is frozen,scrape of thin shavings. that is what we in the kitchen call 'granite'. another solution around your problem/situation.:shhhhhh: