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12-02-2011, 16:42
You know, in USSR among friends there could be just one video tape recorder and people met at one's place to watch video all together (drinking and watching foreign movies).

I do remember that we could watch about 4 movies during one night-party.

so we felt nostalgia and decided to get remembered our past.

One of our choices thanks to our advanced movie watcher-friend was "Gordos" (Fat people (2009)):

It is a bit boring, quite funny, long, confused and strange movie.

It is not about fat people and their problems with being over-weight actually, more about our internal confidence and incertitude.

I would say it is a comedy, though at the end you have more and more questions of different kinds, so it is not a pure comedy, the goal of which is to entertain first of all.

Oh, and the movie is not for fat people

I have found some links today:

1. in Russian


2. in English