View Full Version : Priviet iz Genevi Schvietzary

01-08-2007, 21:02
Hi everybody, nice to meet you all. I go regularly in Russia, Moscow or St Petersburg often for pleasure sometimes for professional reasons.
Last time was probably the greatest one. I meat a couple of russian painters (moush i gena...;o)) we had a so great evening...Only russians know how to give so great life experience...Then any contact that will give me (and you why not..;o)) the opportunity to live great life experience are welcome. Life is too short lets live it the richest as possible..... saglasien...?
My next trip in August will be in Belarus, I want also to discover the great nature of that country. I will let you know...

Have fun, Cheers and...Banzai


PS: I am a Software Architect / Mathematician, living in Geneva Switzerland born in Italy. I work in the domain of Trade Finance. I permanently look for interesting job opportunities in Russia.