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Maria Lopez
26-10-2003, 14:52
Anyone planning to visit India or/and interested in Indian culture??
I stayed there for quite a long time,willbe nice to know other's opinion...

27-10-2003, 15:36
I worked ther for 12 months................do i qualify?

Broadmoor Bob
27-10-2003, 15:52
I would like to know if it is still possible to see tigers in their natural habitat in India. I have heard that the nature reserves are really nothing but theme safari parks of the US variety, and that basically if you pay enough, they will find you a photo op with a tiger. Regardless of whether I include a nature reserve in my itinerary, I would like to visit India within the next few years.

27-10-2003, 20:21
Hi Bob -

Programme on BBC2 a few nights back showing tigers still in their natural habitat - well - a game reserve over in India. Apparently (thank God) the poaching is tailing off of late and the tigers are surviving. The game reserve seemed to be well run and not like the usual showcase ones - damned if I can remember the name, though.

Broadmoor Bob
27-10-2003, 21:05
Thanks - I'll try the BBC archives when I have some time. I just hope that the restaurant at the reserve does not try to make money by selling the tiger version of Morarji Desai Waters of Life by the pitcher!:)

27-10-2003, 21:27
Hehee ! Don`t think so, Bob - but it may be your last chance to see a tiger in its` natural habitat. From what I remember, it was the same presenter - Saba Douglas-Hamilton (who is a bit of a pussycat herself)....


Aha, got it - BBC2 - the programme was called "Wild Search for Tigers"


"Tomorrow on BBC Two at 5.55pm Wild: Search for Tigers features Saba Douglas-Hamilton, an African lion and elephant expert, linking up with Valmik Thapar at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan."

Great programme, Bob. Actually, my love of tigers stems from my shooting days - I`ve never shot an animal and never would - but reading up about the history of elephant rifles and big game shooting certainly gave me an interest in preserving these beautiful creatures. Of course, in India, most of the depopulation of tigers was down to the Good Old British Empire - and the local Maharajahs - blowing smithereens out of the local big cat population from a howdah. About time we all grew up, I think. ;-)) Hope you get to see one. ;-)))))

Broadmoor Bob
27-10-2003, 21:38
Thanks again - now I know where to go and adopt a nice, big striped kittycat that might just keep my 6 little ones in line :)

27-10-2003, 23:15
:D Er. Um. I think it may do a little more than that, Bob... ;-)

28-10-2003, 08:58
The poaching problem has beeen solved to a large degree.
The main problem is villagers killing the tigers in revenge for killing their live stock.

11-11-2003, 09:16
I planning a trip to India beginning of January

11-11-2003, 10:09
Where are you planning to go in India?

Be careful, it's one of those places that's difficult to leave once you are there. A fascinating country that you will either love or hate, but it will definitely take you through a range of emotions.

I could have stayed forever

When I arrived in Delhi I was absolutely terrified, and several months later, when I left, I was in tears for several hours...

Something about the place that just takes hold of you.

11-11-2003, 10:34
i would be interested to hear your views on Delhi. I lived and worked there for 12 months in the center. Connaught Sq.
I lived in Kylash new Neru Place. had a great time there although life could be difficult at times.
I've got loads of stories to tell if your interested.

11-11-2003, 11:24
Where to? - it does not really matter... does it? If you feel like going somewhere... just pack and GO! You just have 24hrs a day so you'd better hurry up!

And I know... coming back is extremely difficult: so many things to be seen, to experience.

It seems that all of you have lots of stories about India.
What about meeting one of these days? I can't possibly get organised so maybe you could help ; )


11-11-2003, 11:42
Wow, you know what, that would be cool. Maybe over a beer or two somewhere would be great! What do you think. or right here, too, I'm sure others would be interested, especially if you were there for a year.

What kind of work were you doing? Did you learn to speak any of the languages? How did your life(style) change? How come you left?

If you want, you can PM me, but definitely do let us know about your experiences. As you can see, people are definitely interested.

13-11-2003, 18:09
I had a co-worker/friend who went to India about 15 years ago. When she returned, she said that she didn't like it at all. She didn't want to talk about it, but I think that she was upset by the level of poverty.

25-11-2003, 14:45
I was born and lived there for 22 years. Its a vast country and even I dont like some parts or things about it. But its very vibrant and rich. You could either hate it or love it. E-mail me if you wish to know where to start.