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Tip Top
31-07-2007, 15:25
My fiance and I are getting married in France in 21 days (he is Russian) and his parents applied for french tourist visas three weeks ago. My fiance applied on the same day as them and got his visa 3 days later (although he has a UK settlement visa). When i call the application center they say they know nothing and can find out nothing. When I call 937 1500, which is the consulate i think, they say they have nothing to do with visas and to call the embassy (937 1578). When i call the embassy there is no answer. All day.
Everyone i have spoken to says it seems strange that their applications have so far taken 3 weeks. I am leaving Moscow soon and really want to make sure everything with the visas is sorted before i leave. Any advice on what i could do? Anybody know anybody?