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sorry for the typo! This text was apparently translated by a *professional*....i have a head ache already...!!! Please help!

Today, the MTUCI is large educational and scientific center in Russian Federation for training and retraining of skilled specialists in the fields of telecommunications, informatics, radio engineering and economics.
The structure of the University includes two regional branches in cities of Rostov-on-the Don and Nizhniy Novgorod, the Telecommunication College, the Advanced Training Telecommunication Institute, Scientific Center, Center of pre- educational preparation.
The teaching and scientific staff of the University is about 700 persons. Among teaching staff there are full members and correspondent members of the Russian and international academies, Lenin and State Prize Winners, Russian Federation Government Prize Winners.
About 14 thousand students of full time and correspondent education, post- graduates, and attendees of various courses are studying in the University.
The preparation is carrying out on modern multilevel educational system- bachelor, engineer, master on 25 specialties and 8 directions.