View Full Version : Hotel Tsentralnaya

29-07-2007, 15:51
or Centralnaya located near M. Pushkinskaya on Tverskaya street.

Does anyone know if this hotel still works?


P.S. It's located near Sbaro on Tverskaya so you could just pop your head in and have a look

29-07-2007, 16:45
yes it still does work.

the question is, for how long?
as much as I understand, they will be shutting down, and all the offices, restaurants attached to them too... for renovation...

04-08-2007, 19:52
the restaurant downstairs changes,at least the name, the staff is apparently the same... must be a very popular place.
from the speed things are working around there (how long is the BUNKER already closed for renovations..?) things will not happen to fast...