View Full Version : Volunteer as an English teacher (may be interesting if you are a student, if you like teaching and you are enthusiastic))

Elena Dan
09-01-2011, 12:52
Hello everyone!
I am a very enthusiastic young teacher of English who has moved to Moscow recently.
My friend and I organized a small language course in a district not far from Moscow ( not far from metro Yugo-Zapadnaya).

We would like to help people to learn the language and to be able to communicate and now we are thinking about organizing a small free English conversational club. We realise that there are a lot of them in Moscow, but not so many in the suburb.

Our idea to invite people from this area and communicate with them during 1,5-2 hours in English at the weekends, drinking tea, watching films and listening to songs. It would be perfect if we had an English speaker as a moderator of such meetings.

What are we going to provide you with:
- people for club),
- place for meetings with opportunity to copy handouts if necessary,
- a laptop during meetings,
- good atmosphere,
- topics for discussions and planning them.

If this idea is popular among people, we will have a fee for such meetings and will pay you salary (It is in the future))))

- At the same time you will be able to practice your teaching skills, improve your Russian language, get new friends and experience.

it is wonderful if
- you are young
- you are a Native speaker
- you like teaching or would like to try it
- you are easy-going and communicative)
- you don't think that our idea is crazy)))

Phone number 89851523228
Skype lenusikgody


14-06-2011, 06:58
Hi Elena,

I was wondering if your project took off, I would be very much interested in aiding you if that's possible.