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30-07-2003, 14:02
As a continuation of my login/password problems, it seems that someone got into my account and read my private messages - I hadn't checked in a couple of days because it indicated that I didn't have any new ones, but there were two there which I hadn't read yet. Someone read them, though, because they were marked as read.

I assume that anyone who isn't able to change the settings to hide the fact that they read my private messages is also too stupid to have hid their IP or other info - could the site admin here find it out for me? I assume that this person is the one who hacked my hotmail address, and if I can provide Hotmail Security with that info it might help fix the situation...


30-07-2003, 14:06

I will get onto it, anything lik ethis send a message to Tuetonic, he is the best to sort this out.

I can assure you that no-one here is even able to view your password, let alone access your messages, the only way is to use yoru password, it is very difficult to hack your box otherwise


30-07-2003, 14:08
By the way may be that's why you never got my private message? I sent it two days ago. May be there were more messages that were deleted from you box?

30-07-2003, 14:13
OK, I have contacted the programmer guy Jules, he will be in touch with you soon, let me know how you get on.



30-07-2003, 14:45
Thanks, MM! :)

^\/^ - yes, yours was one of the two I hadn't read yet - but somebody did! :confused: