View Full Version : Horse riding gear: where to buy?

Desert Addict
26-12-2010, 15:21
Hi all, a friend of mine is looking for a shop where you can find gear for horse riding: stuff like boots, these funny hats, and so on... Not really into this myself:)

anyone knows some adresses?

26-12-2010, 22:00
I went here the other day, the stock range isn't extensive, but it has the essentials.


Россия, 111141, Москва, ул.Электродная дом 2 стр.12 1ый этаж, Dinamo

I will be back
27-12-2010, 15:50
Hi, take a look at DECATHLON

27-12-2010, 16:44
http://www.kskbitsa.ru/about/shem/ - I'm living not far from them. They have a couple of shops selling gear/equipment, in the basement of the main stadium building, down from area 16 (see it on the plan), downstairs from the main square, just opposite of their main entrance.