View Full Version : Have A Furry Little X-Mas!

22-12-2010, 22:37
(to a very special person and to everybody!)

Love and happiness often come on velvet feet. Pay attention when they stroke around your legs, and don't chase them away by mindless moves.

Shall affection purr in your ear, so your heart will find a little relief.

May you be tickled with delicately scented hair, so all your grievances subside.

Soft paws shall gently touch your soul, so it will feel content.

Big fluffy ears shall listen to the wonderful things that happened to you this year.

Friendly eyes give you happiness and reassure you that you are beautiful.

May a gentle embrace provide you with a little solace, so you get over what you may have lost.

A great hug shall grant you comfort and joy, so you can pass it on.

And may no claws ever again tear up your happiness!

Have A Very Happy, Relaxed, Peace- And Joyful X-Mas!