View Full Version : 'DIE FLEDERMAUS' at the Lenkom Theater

21-12-2010, 23:47
New Arbat 11, starts at 7 pm.
I have seen the original when i was 15 years old in Klagenfurt and over the years many performances in many countries and many interpretations also.
But the one tonight,21/12.. was one of the best i have seen.
you get served Champagne, a shot of vodka with russian brown bread and pickles. *(remember the story happens about a masked Ball and 'they' drink lots of bubbly, so the public also is invited. and since the party is held at Graf Orloff's palace, a russian of course, there must be Vodka. And again, the theater goers get a a shot.) Suppose this is possible only at the Lenkom, a not to big place, some 400 people max i think. We had a super time but remember tickets are selling out quick for the spectacle.
and if you are lucky and book early enough, the first row is a sort of VIP with tables and chairs, and you get a bottle of Champagne and there is also something to eat there. Cool arrangement, to bad only 15 or 16 tickets for that.
There are quite a few songs and couplets that have nothing to do with the original, and even 3 more figures that make fun for 3h. but Johann Strauss definitely would approve of the /russsian/ interpretation of his operetta.