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21-07-2007, 22:02
hello. I was directed here by another forum (but as to those circumstances under which this place was recommended...i won't divulge just yet). My name is Aaron, living in New England at the moment, but interested...possibly in heading the direction of Russia. I've been studying Russian now for about...say five years off and on (started in college when my voice teacher threw me Mussorgsky's Трепак and told me to learn it in Russian. Fortunately I had a friend from Russia and Bulgaria who were able to help me with pronunciation...but the rest of it (knowing what everything meant) was up to me. It just all kind of snow-balled from there...to where I am now (and I even use Russian at work translating documents, and still taking classes). I am looking to travel there soon - Volgograd...with the threat that if I like it enough, I may never leave (and though, sometimes said in jest...about 75% of the time I am serious about possibly trying to find out what I would need to do to remain...here's where alot of my questions come in...but since this is just an introduction...and compared to most others' introductions I have read...this is already fairly long).

Oh, and my interests in Russia aren't just linguistic...also really interested in the history (I grew up outside of DC for most of my life...our world history classes would only mention that there was a country called the USSR, at that time mind you, and nothing else was said about its history), but tell me about Russian food, music, taboos, etc.

Now to poke around on some other threads to see if possibly, any of those previous question I have were addresed somewhere else.

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22-07-2007, 11:36
Shostakovich's 5th symphony (1937) is subtitled "A Soviet artist's reply to just criticism". There are many good versions of it available on CD. This may be an interesting way for you to "enter" Russian music ...
And if you find that piece interesting, then there is the cello concerto ...
Just a thought ...

22-07-2007, 20:26
I have always been a fan of Stravinsky myself...I used to play the oboe and English Horn, so the opportunity to play the "Rite of Spring" was awesome...if not a little flabbergasting at times (meter changes every three measures or so). I find it a pity that Nijinsky's choreography for the original ballet performed in France has since been lost...but still, interesting that it caused a major riot (and Stravinsky himself ran away from the podium part way through). Stravinsky later thought upon the work with contempt...little did he realize later that it would become such an influential piece of music (and I do mean beyond the scope of Disney's "Fantasia").

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21-04-2008, 00:51
I am looking to travel there soon - Volgograd...with the threat that if I like it enough, I may never leave Is that a joke? Is it this Stalingrad flair?