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20-07-2007, 18:08
my name is Sergey, I'm native russian living in Moscow. I would like to meet friends among expats who willing to study russian and to know more about russian life and culture in exchange of helping me studying english. Next year I will probably go working abroad to the UK and good english is a necessity. At peresent time I work in a moscow-based company as an IT specialist. I like travelling, that my present job involves a lot, music and sports - cycling, rolling, ping pong (being a bit lazy ping pong is a favorite one :-)).
Volgograd (former Stalingrad) is my native city and if needed I can help to arrange a trip there: WWII sights, river Volga, fishing, etc.
Who intrested, please, don't hesitate, drop me a line.

21-07-2007, 18:16
Thanks for you elaborate introduction, Sergei. Welcome to the forum! Russian is a difficult language...