View Full Version : Golf - Looking for players

20-07-2007, 17:00
Any Golf players out there that would like to play at the Moscow City Club? I'm tired of going alone or joining up with a couple of Russians with zero HCs! Jeeze those guys are good - rude, too.

20-07-2007, 19:31
i am not very good, but if you have room for a 2nd or 3rd i would like to go !

21-07-2007, 15:55
I would, but only have my lob wedge and putter. Do they rent there? Green fees etc?
Final question: any chipping or putting practice greens out there? Figured I could work on my short game

25-07-2007, 16:00
definately up for it!

03-08-2007, 13:13
What are the membership fees on the clubs in Moscow? Any point in trying to join or should I stick to green fee?

10-08-2007, 22:20
As I understand, the Moscow City club is (ready for it?) EUR 100,000 to join, then yearly membership subs on top!! ha-ha!
The only other course I know of is at Le Meridien Country Club where the European PGA tour recently paid a visit. It's a quality course but comes, yet again, at a price - think it's 7 or 8000 rub for 18 holes at the weekend.
Golf is a minority sport in Russia just now and therefore costs a packet, but watch this space...in 10 years I reckon they'll all be at it!