View Full Version : Kandalaksha, Murmansk region (White Sea, Kola Peninsula)

Uncle Pasha
10-12-2010, 12:52
The site of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve is up. Just made a summary page in English:


Hope someone fines it useful.


25-07-2011, 15:20
interesting, thanks

Uncle Pasha
12-09-2011, 10:53
As usuall, trying to collect/compile practical travel information on places visited. As usual unable to keep myself from being an opinionated asshole. Went there via the Moscow to St Petersburg highway slowly (about 8 days) and back through Karelia and the Golden Ring (5 days). Now sifting through photos and travel notes and trying to compile them into something coherent here:


It seems that the center of gravity of my life is shifting towards Kandalaksha (Murmansk region). It seems that the only thing I can do is sort of alternative tourism. So that's how I'll continue paying my rent in Kandalaksha. Enquiries from those wishing to visit that land that even brave Vikings preferred to avoid as being "the seat of darkness" are welcomed.


Uncle Pasha
21-08-2012, 18:24
Making another effort to make little places between Moscow and the Kola Peninsula visible and accessible in the information space. Just did two trips along half of the south edge of Kola as far as the road allowed. Asphalt ends in Umba, Russian style gravel rode made of large sharp stones that cost me only one tire - expected worse - ends in Varzuga. Saw and even petted and fed and got bitten by and kicked at by the vamous wild horses of Kuzomen (www.staritsa.info/kuzomen.htm). Having our little camp invaded by a bunch of OMON at 3am was a distinctry "Russian Misery Travel" (c) experience. Anybody interested in what's north from Moscow is invited to my www.staritsa.info..

Alexandra is much faster than me. The Kandalaksha and Surroundings corner of her Nature Reserve site is in Russian but has lots of pictures, some of which turned out very well. See http://kandalaksha-reserve.org/kandalaksha_around/kandalaksha_around1.htm