View Full Version : Oh For Shame

21-10-2003, 11:16
Did anyone else notice the quiet disappearance over the weekend of Открытое радио (Otkrytoe or Open Radio) ? One of the only stations that played--albeit irregularly--good classic rock, it was bad enough that it went off the air, but the bitter irony of what it was replaced by (on 102.5) makes me sick to my stomach: Radio Pop-sa

So I've been reduced to listening to Maximum and Ultra (a little too much Manson and Bizkit for my tastes) for my morning commutes.

Anyone else notice this ? Does anyone care ? Are you all fans of Kirkorov and Nikolayev ?

21-10-2003, 12:24
I noticed it today but thought they have some technical profilaktika or whatever. http://www.openradio.ru is still working. I switched to Radio Jazz 89.1FM which is actually not jazz but easy-listening middle of the road music. It is a bit too limited in terms of content, you often hear the same piece a few times a day.

The format is different from Open Radio but it's the only option I had.

21-10-2003, 15:42
Try 100.9FM, Radio Classic: classic and instrumental music -- very calming and relaxing...

The list of all Moscow FM and UKW stations is here: http://www.fmradio.ru