View Full Version : LITERATURE CLUB invites new participants!

09-12-2010, 13:50
Literature club invites new participants!

All of us know that there are a lot of talented and creative people who would like to share their ideas and creative works. We would like to offer you to take part in LITERATURE CLUB “Kvartira 277” meetings (“flat 277”). The meetings are held twice a week in the centre of Moscow, Taganskay metro station, or in a flat of the organizers. The members of the club read aloud their essays and poems that they created themselves. The readings are followed by animated discussions. The discussions can be also held in English, but it's preferable that you speak or understand Russian a little bit :)

The next meeting is going to take place 17 December.

The club is also planning on publishing the collection of essays and poems.

If you're willing to participate, please refer your questions to the following e-mail address: widow1334@rambler.ru

All experienced writers and beginners are welcome to participate!

PS: The participation is absolutely free!