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Lama's Pupil
18-07-2007, 16:59
Hello everyone,

My name's Irina. I was born in Moscow and have lived here all my life.

I've been learning English for about a year and I'm trying to find an
opportunity to practise my English. I like to travel very much and
do need English for survival and communication. I take a special
interest in oriental countries such as India, Nepal, China, Tibet...
Maybe some of you have similar interests.
Feel free to write to me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

18-07-2007, 21:59
Welcome, Irina!
At least your writing skills will benefit from this forum (though they seem ok). Hope you also find someone to practice your conversational skills.
Anyway, have fun, welcome to the madhouse.

Gabbar Singh
19-07-2007, 11:41
Hi Irina

PM me if you are interested in discussing more about Asia. Been there, seen them, done them .....:)


Andy B
19-07-2007, 12:42
Welcome to the site Irina :)

21-07-2007, 18:14
Welcome Irina!
Been to Goa a few times. It was good... But the best was catching a Bollywood movie in Mumbai. :)
Have fun here!

Lama's Pupil
22-07-2007, 22:01
Unfortunately, I've never been to Mumbai. As far as Goa is concerned, I know this resort is extremely
popular with tourists, however lying on the beach all the time is not exactly the type of holiday I enjoy.
I wonder if there is something else to see there besides the warm ocean and beautiful sand beaches. :)

In actual fact, I prefer to travel to the mysterious Himalayas and visit those numerous temples and
monasteries where the infinite wisdom of many centuries is kept.

25-07-2007, 01:38
Hi Irina...

welcome to the small but friendly group here :)
stay active with us, and feel free to post and to reply, the better it will be for you to practice :)

25-07-2007, 01:43
hi ya

I saw a Lama in a zoo once, when i was a kid, it spat on me.
when i was older i rode a lama in N Paki, it bit me.
not so long ago i had Lama milk in my tea, i was sick.


Lama's Pupil
26-07-2007, 16:42
hi ya

I saw a Lama in a zoo once, when i was a kid, it spat on me.
when i was older i rode a lama in N Paki, it bit me.

Hi Clean,

I'm awfully sorry those vicious llamas treated you so badly!

I wonder if you have ever met a REAL Lama? I did. Not once.

30-07-2007, 18:58
Welcome Irina,

Though I am a convinced Christian, I've always been interested in other
great religions of the world. It is surprising how much they have in common!
Don't you agree? Have you really met Lamas during your Asian travels?
I wonder if they told you something new and particularly wise.


Lama's Pupil
04-08-2007, 01:50
I agree completely that the great religions of the world have a lot in common.
As one wise man said long ago, people of different religions "drink" from the same "river" of wisdom.

I did meet several Lamas in Buddhist monasteries in a wonderful part of the Himalayas called Little Tibet.
I learnt some new things, that's for sure. Sadly, my poor English and much poorer Tibetan didn't allow me
to ask all the questions I had (and still have).

23-10-2007, 09:41
Irina,Hi! Go ahead and ask your questions. Maybe someone in the forum will give you answers that even the Lamas may not have discovered yet. No offence at all or belittling the Lamas of course!!They are very great and very knowledgeable people,I hear! But you get some of the most precious pearls of wisdom from the least expected places.
Goooooooooooooooooooooo,ooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn! Ask, and it shall be answered!!!!!

:sunny:No matter who or what you would like to blame your current circumstances on, you are ultimately responsible for the decision/choice that put you where you are.

_Travel with an open mind so it can be filled with the knowledge of other cultures.

-Never hold on to anything that you will have to end up having to free later.

-Most people like to travel to new places but sometimes it's good to revisit the old ones!

Have a wonderful day.