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17-07-2007, 10:59
Is it true that not only do you have to go to an office to register your visa, but the working day before you leave you now also have to go back to the office where you registrated to de-register your visa.

The reason I ask is my family is coming over on a Tuesday. I will register them on Wednesday. We are getting married on the Thursday, and they are going home on the Sunday, which means if they above rules now apply I will have to take them to de-register on the Friday (the day after the wedding - :-( ).

Anyone any experience of this and if it is the procedure now in place please let me know.

It seems these Soviet-style bureacrats don't want to encourage tourists to visit their beautiful city, but instead take a guided tour of the notoriously inefficient bureacratic establishments.

I say come on Mr. 70% popular Vladimir pull your finger out its long over due that such an archaic, pointless, annoying, corrupt system was abolished.

Sorry for diverting a bit, just lettin off a bit of steam. :D

17-07-2007, 11:30
Since the new laws I've been in and out a few times, never told 'them' and had no problems

17-07-2007, 16:21
I might try that. I'm here on a student visa, and have a tear off seperate piece of paper i guess my registration, but no registration stamp on my migration card (which I had on my last business visa). Is this the case with all visas do you know?

17-07-2007, 17:11
If they're only here for three working days (the day you fly in doesn't count, iirc) they don't need to register at all.

Unless I've missed another change in the law...

19-07-2007, 08:41
Since the new laws I've been in and out a few times, never told 'them' and had no problems

have been on a one year multiple entry biz visa.

came in 3 months ago and applied for a 3 month 'registration/notification' , meaning i had to get out within 3 months.

i am planning to fly out on a visit about 15 days after the deadline. will there be an issue, on either exit at airport or reentry?

i wonder if there is some connect between the airport immigration computer and the foreign ministry office. Just a bit worried about this.

Like to know what personal experiences have been like on this score(overstaying beyond the registration period, not the visa period)