View Full Version : Moving by car to Moscow from Kiev

07-12-2010, 03:30

I am a Danish guy, I have been living a few years in Kiev, and plan to move to Moscow after New Year.

I want to bring some stuff with me; 4-5 suitcases with clothes, a few computers, monitors, a printer, some speakers, an office chair and a bike.

Moscow not being that far from Kiev, and me being a bit worried about paperwork hell with getting my stuff safely into Russia using a moving company, I was hoping to drive up there with the stuff myself.

Only problem is I don't have a car. And I'm not quite sure how the rules work for bringing this much luggage with me. I'm going on a regular 1 year business multi-entry visa.

Any help on the following questions would therefore be highly appreciated :)

- Does anyone know of a car rental company that operates in both Ukraine and Russia (so I could rent a car here and drop it off in Moscow)?

- Will I need to register all this stuff at the Russian border and bring it out with me again after my first 90 days stay in Russia?

- Will I really need an international driver's license or will the EU license be enough? I was stopped a few times in Russia couple years ago with only my EU driver's license and they didn't complain, though as far as I know the official rules are that the international license is required. How are things now?

And maybe most important of all...

- In case I do get in trouble, are the Russian GAIs and border officers as open for negotiation as their Ukrainian colleagues?

Thanks for any help!