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06-12-2010, 22:36
I have teamed up with a friend of mine, Zalina, and we have opened a Gallery together.

We promote young Russian artists and artisans. We have paintings from
Moscow, St Pete’s, Kiev, and Baku. We also have prints, jewelry, scarves,
felt products, furniture, Christmas decorations and much more.

As it represents art for the house, and it is Russian, we have named it
after a Russian must have household item and have called it Galleria Sushki. Sushki are those little hard round doughnut shaped tea cakes which are in practically every Russian kitchen.

If you have a facebook account you can look up our page under Galleria Sushki and see some of our products.

It is very central and located at 15/25 Sivstev Vrazhek, Kv 51, 6 th floor.
Closest Metros are either Krapotinskaya, Arbatskaya, or Smolenskaya. For
anyone who knows Petit Cref it is a 1 min walk from the kindergarden.

We are open weekdays in the mornings. If any of those times are unsuitable please let us know when you would like to come ( afternoons, evenings, or weekends) and we would love to open the doors to you when convenient without any problems.

You can reach us on 89032295956