View Full Version : newcomer who wants to try local beer

04-12-2010, 18:58
Hi Guys,
I am new in Moscow and was working in Singapore before.
I see Asian food around each corner here so it's kind of cool.

I am looking for a room and flatmates in the city center - if anyone has heard of something - buzz me please !
Right now, I am hopping from sites to sites to see the different offers but it's tiring :)

I don't know anyone here and - in all the cities where I settle down - I like having a BEER BUDDY :)
The kind of person you can rely on to have a beer at any time !

Apart from that, I play the guitar and would be very interested in meeting other fellow musicians. I am more into pop-indie and love british music, I don't know why...

Last detail, I am French but this is not very important...


04-12-2010, 21:56
Hi Allan, welcome to Moscow and the expat forum :)