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20-10-2003, 14:26
My family is moving to Moscow in few months. This is not our first experience abroad, despite we are Spanish, we spent three years in Canary Islands and now we have been living in Portugal(Lisbon/ Estoril area) for five years.

I have three children aged 6,4,2 and they go to a British School here in Portugal.

After some reading I think I would like to live in Povorosky Hills because the Anglo-American school is there and we want to live in a townhouse within a green safe area where my children can play with friends just like now but I've also read something about the British school in Moscow. Could anyone recomend this school and where should I live then?

Like Louise I would very pleased to hear from anyone

Thank you

05-11-2003, 21:41
The British School has several locations within Moscow. One near Sokol - convenient if you live at Prokrovsky. As your kids grow older it is difficult to live at Prokrovsky and have your kids at the Anglo School. They spend too much of their lives in one place (sort of one property there). There are other Spanish families there, though.

As for British School, they are convenient to more places in town but they have a very high Russian and Korean populations and this tends to be the language spoken in the hallways. Suggest you ask if they have Spanish kids and how many before you choose it.

06-11-2003, 15:43
Hi, my kids go to the British school, near sokol and I am very happy with the school.
I'm originally from colombia and there are two other spanish families in the school.

06-11-2003, 16:15
Thanks a lot for your kind help, sure both schools are good.
Is Serebriany Bor far from Sokol?, I saw some interesting houses (internet) in this area?.
Is the securitiy in this area a problem ?
Is it true women does not usually drive?

I have so many questions....

06-11-2003, 23:49
Moscow is a reasonably safe city. You might have something stolen - pickpockets, etc - but it is unlikely you would ever be assaulted. Much safer that way than other world capitals like Washington, DC., and the like.

Certainly women can drive. Russians don't believe in it, though. It should not deter you if you are accustomed to it. Russians have many superstitions and you may ignore thema at you will. You're supposed to wear a hat until the temperature reaches 20C for at least 4 days, children should be bundled at all times until at least 1 July, and cold drinks will weaken your throad and make you sick. And so forth.

07-11-2003, 09:36
With regard to driving, many Russian women drive, and although you will get the odd taxi driver who mutters about “women drivers”, there is no special prejudice against women. Having said that the traffic is hell whatever gender you are, there just seem to be no rules and far too many cars.

Re other “superstitions” oddly enough it is considered that cold drinks will give you a sore throat but ice cream in –20 degrees centigrade is fine. General keeping warm superstitions are only to be expected in a country where the cold is a killer and you will have to get used to old ladies who think that your children’s welfare is their business. The ice cream issue is just weird, mind you some of the local ice cream is really good.
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