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13-07-2007, 00:11
Does anyone know exactly how the post office registration thing works? Does the actual owner of the apartment have to go there, or if you have a copy of his passport page is it enough?
And are all post offices aware of this procedure?

13-07-2007, 20:27

It is the other way around.
[First let me start with the location....the post office does not ring my bell but if you can go it will be a very big surprise for me(always something to learn:smokin:)...Where i do know we should go is УФМС (this is the main office, the zonal offices could also be called ОФМС) Управление Федеральной Миграционной Службы....in few word the immigration dept..]
The owner of the apt has to go for you, you do not even need to be there as long as you give him copies of the important pages in your pass(where the pics is,the visa page and to be sure also the page where immigration put the entry stamp) and the copy of the immigration card that you filled in at the airport(or in the plane).If you don't want to run into any sudden problems, if you trust this person, you could just give him you pass with everything inside + the copies since in Russia new laws change like the weather.Positive side of this ...IT IS ALL FREE

After this is all done your landlord has to return to that office before you leave the country and un-register you, this has not to be forgotten and it is very important, in addition you do not get anything for this transaction(no receipt-no voided copy-no pass stamp-nothing).
An advise:Please do not do like some of the smarty pants foreigners that for short trips keep the registration and then re-use it...it may work but if you get checked the filed number of your immigration card does not match the one that you have in your pass

13-07-2007, 22:16
Thank you for your reply. I do know that it is possible to now register at the post office, and there used to be several posts on this before the expat site crashed. Apparently, the apartment owner (or you?) goes to the post office, hands in all the copies of passports, visa, etc. and fills out two forms(and pays 200 RUR). Then the receipt you get back is your registration. And this is one of the proper ways to do it, according to the new law. However, since this is Russia, I am not sure that all post offices are aware of this procedure, and it sounds like a hassle to me, especially if your landlord can't go to the post office. Anyway, I called the agency and they said that they can do the registration for a fee (which also many agencies do now). So I think that is what we will do. Anyway, thanks again for your post, the information is very useful!