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01-12-2010, 14:11
What is Lavka?

Lavka enables you to order delicious, farm-fresh local produce: chicken, duck, goose, turkey, wild fish, butter, sour cream, milk, ryazhenka, cheese, vegetables, pickles and much more. We offer only what is produced by small local organic or family-run farms in Russia. Seasonal produce is very important to us, which is why our range changes with the time of year, allowing us to bring you the freshest and best quality local food.
Ordering and delivery is fast and easy. You can place an order online at our website lavkalavka.ru/eng, call +7 926 951 51 18, or use our printed order forms. We deliver to your door, but feel free to pick up in person, at one of our order points, saving money on delivery.
And for tips on how to use the food you buy, come and experience our culinary master classes, or just drop in for a tasty lunch at our flagship Lavka store. ( Nizhny Susalny dom 5 stroyenie 9.)
All the answers to your questions can be found on our website. See you soon at Lavka!

And remember: "There is no love more sincere than the love of food" (Bernard Shaw)