View Full Version : Hiya

09-07-2007, 23:47
I will be moving to Moscow the end of the month after finishing language training (that is not fun). Saying hello and would like to hear some good ideas for decent restaurants within the garden ring

09-07-2007, 23:48
Do I hear food???

10-07-2007, 13:21
There are many depending on your price range, and expectations of what is 'decent'?

Andy B
10-07-2007, 14:48
Welcome to Moscow and the site.

As Boscoe says, much will depend on your budget and standards, but you should find something to meet your needs :)

12-07-2007, 22:39
Welcome. If you don't mind to go out just 500 metres east of Garden Ring, you will find Aromatnye Reka. Best Vietnamese food in town. Just follow Pokrovka, cross the Ring, continue for 500 M and turn right at Azbuka Vkuza.